Monday, March 31, 2008

8 months, 4 days

That's how long it took me to set up a blog for us. That's how long I've been happier than ever. That's how long the Lord has blessed my life in a brand new way.

We've had a great beginning and have plans to create one fantastic journey to the never-ending. It took me a while, yet I've finally found myself at my parents' own Utah State University. I figured starting where my mom did was a good idea. It seemed right at the time and boy was it. I spend three years at a two year college, Snow College, to get an associates degree in business management. Why three years? Health, number one, and mixed uncertainty. I took it slow to accommodate less than fair health.

The answer is at the pool. What was that? Oh, yeah, the question being, where did you meet your wife. We worked together and ended up in Logan, Utah. She studies pre-medical biology and I had a minor change of heart by studying public relations. Not too far of of my original intent of marketing. I switched because I love to write and because I didn't want to retake a math course (did I mention I'm honest?).

I firmly believe in my Savior Jesus Christ. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I believe in modern-day revelation through prophets, seers, and revelators having authority from Jesus Christ. If you are not yet familiar with my religion, the cornerstone as we call it might enlighten you: the Book of Mormon (*whispers* I'm a Mormon). We have beautiful temples across the world. We sent missionaries across the world to share our message. These young men, typically ages 19-21, chose to do this and finance it themselves. We live differently than much of the world and I do so of my own choice with zeal...or as much zeal as I can muster up at the time. Perfection is a goal, not yet realized...cut me some slack. I enjoy my lifestyle and recommend it for happiness.

Manti Temple. Did it again...that's where we were married at. Beautiful place. The hillside of which the temple sits atop hosts the annual Mormon Miracle Pageant each summer. Generally held the middle two weeks in June. The temple is backdrop to a spectacle of lights, battles, and the LDS beliefs. I've been part of the production for three consecutive years. I served a service mission (rather than typical two year problems) the first and third years while my second I was in the performance as an actor. Marvelous experience. Putting on a production of this magnitude is rewarding in and of itself. Putting on a production of this magnitude that you believe in, now that's rewarding.

With only life ahead of me, I live everyday hoping to be better. For two people, my wife, Britain, and my Heavenly Father. Of all names he could take, God chose 'Father'. I hope someday to be the best father I can be. I guess a good long time for preparation is at hand...

8 months, 4 days since I changed my life for the best by marrying my sweetheart in the right place, at the right time, for the right reasons...because I love her and I love my Father in Heaven.